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Helix Carpet Repair delivers unsurpassed carpet repair services to revive high-traffic areas, repair unexpected damage, and help Bedford customers save. Before installing new carpet, call Helix Carpet Repair to see what our expert carpet repair services can do.

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Professional Carpet Repair, Stretching, & Cleaning

Carpet Repair

If you have rips, holes, tears, exposed seams, or other carpet damage, it’s time to call Helix Carpet Repair. Our professionals can fix various carpet and flooring damage to extend their life and enhance their appearance.

Carpet Stretching

Helix Carpet Repair delivers unmatched carpet stretching to care for unattractive wrinkles, waves, lumps, and bulges. We provide thorough, precise carpet restretching services to remove excess carpet, saving homeowners, landlords, and business owners in various ways.

Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet looks worn-down, dirty, and stained, call Helix Carpet Repair to see an amazing transformation. Our professionals offer in-depth carpet, tile, and grout cleaning to keep floors looking their best.

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Carpet Repair Services

Helix Carpet Repair has delivered years of carpet repairs, cleaning, stretching, and other services in the Bedford area. Contact our professionals before moving out, selling, hosting big events, or just because. Our team is here to simplify the carpet cleaning and repair process and provide courteous, on-time service.

  • Rips & Tears
  • Pet Damage
  • Exposed Seams
  • Carpet Patching
  • Bleaching & Stains

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Helix Carpet Repair is amazing! Britt did a wonderful job cleaning and stretching our wall-to-wall carpets. Due to an improper installation, the carpet had developed a “bubble,” and he was able to fix the problem, and now the carpets look brand new! So happy with our service. We highly recommend Helix to anyone needing carpet cleaning or repair services!

Experienced Carpet Professionals In Bedford, TX


Helix Carpet Repair has been saving Bedford customers time and money for years, improving homes, offices, and more. From routine maintenance to the toughest carpet problem, our experts are here to help.

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Expert Carpet Repair Services

Helix Carpet Repair strives to give customers in Bedford, TX, the most affordable, effective solutions for their carpets and flooring. From loose carpet to bleaching, tears, and stains, Helix has you covered. Reach out to our professionals for more information and find the best experience available in the DFW area.

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high-quality repairs

This company performed carpet cleaning at my Airbnb in Trophy Club, there were several stains from negligent tenants. When the cleaner left the carpet was fresh, clean and looked almost new, I was actually quite surprised! I will probably hire them on a quarterly basis to clean these carpets again. I recommend this company.

Susie Wiggins

Britt Felix of Helix Carpet Repair did a superb job!! We had a small piece of carpet that needed patching. After Britt completed the job, the carpet looked like all one piece; you wouldn’t even notice it had been patched up. The price was more than reasonable and he responded quickly to my request. I highly recommend this company and I will definitely use Helix Carpet Repair again.

Susan Lee Varnon

Britt Felix of Helix Carpet Repair does a great. I have used Helix Car[et Repair twice now to repair a large section of carpet damaged by bleach and rust stains and to repair several areas with wood stains from plumbing leaks. You can’t even tell. Honest, excellent work

Scarlett Burchfield

Britt Helix was very professional, fair, and honest. He came quickly when I inquired about a project and gave me honest feedback and a more than fair price. He was friendly and extremely helpful. While I decided to hold off on the project for the time being, he is the only person I would call or refer others to if they need their floors repaired. Give him a call if looking.

Sarah S


Frequently Asked Questions


In many cases, the pet stain treatment eliminates odors and discoloration, but the service may be ineffective if the urine is soaked through the pad and into the concrete. For more information, contact the Bedford carpet repair professionals and The pet stain treatment often a free estimate for your damaged carpet.

Does Helix Carpet Repair Work With Furniture?

Our company is fully-equipped to handle carpet, tile, vinyl, furniture, and other surfaces to ensure customers have a fresh, revived space. Whether you need to patch the We have you covered whether you need to patch the carpet or reverse wear and tear around the homecarpet or reverse wear and tear around the home, we have you covered. We strive to do an excellent job for each home and business that we visit.

How much does it cost to stretch carpet in a room?

The price of your carpet repair project will depend on the size and complexity. Schedule an appointment with Bedford’s carpet repair professionals to receive an accurate quote and determine if any patching, stain removal, or other services will be necessary to fully restore your carpets.


To prevent further damage and extend the life of your carpeting, it’s important to repair waves, wrinkles, and ripples as they are found. This will help prevent carpet separation from the primary and secondary layers of backing. Completing carpet repairs quickly will also prevent further damage and ensure your floor is not a hazard. Carpet restretching will ensure carpets are tight, smooth, and ready for life. Call Helix for a free estimate instead of postponing the project.


When carpets are exposed to flooding or water damage, they must seek assistance immediately. In most cases, an Bedford repair professional must remove the carpeting and replace the padding to prevent mold and mildew from festering. High-powered fans dry the carpet and sub-flooring before re-installation occurs thoroughly. Ignoring the damaged carpet could lead to foul odors, permanent stains, and health issues. Helix Carpet Repair is there for any commercial or residential water damage in Bedford. Call and schedule or request more information from our experts to get started.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Carpets should be cleaned based on the level of foot traffic and amount of pets in the home. Carpet is a fabric and needs to be cleaned like a piece of clothing; the more people, pets, and wear, the more your carpet needs to be cleaned. We recommend annual carpet cleaning at a minimum, but many households should consider six-month maintenance intervals.